Rose & Aloe Natural Face Cream

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Nourish, Replenish & Rewind time with Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Natural Face Cream

Ignite your senses with the pure restorative blend of Rose Absolute, Geranium, Lavender, Grapefruit & Helichrysum Essential Oils.

The combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & Vitamin E have been known to brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, stimulate elastin & collagen, and fade age spots.

I am thrilled with my own personal results and love the way my skin looks and feels, and I know you will be too!

*This cream is formulated for All Skin Complexions!  I have had many customers with dry, normal, combination & oily skin, all of which have had successful results from this cream! *Dry, highly absorbing oils are only used and will not clog pores or cause break outs. 

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As we age, we lose the natural moisture in our skin which can show the aging process.  Hyalurosome (Hyaluronic Acid) is added for time-released hydration and intense moisturizing benefits.  I have also added Kakadu Plum Extract which has the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the world!  Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that will slow down the aging process, give skin a natural shine and glow, and prevent aging.  These antioxidants will repair skin damage caused by the sun as well as stimulate collagen.  Kakadu Plum will also act as an astringent, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial.  The combination of Hyalurosome & Kakadu Plum will rejuvenate skin at any age!

Rose Hip Seed Oil works at the cellular level as a bactericidal to combat acne, rejuvenate skin cell permeability and reduce scarring.

Real Aloe Vera is added to help replenish moisture and heal even the most delicate skin.

Kukui Nut Oil has been used for centuries in Hawaii as a natural skin moisturizer.  It is packed full of natural fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants which help to soothe and heal dry skin. This is a truly luxurious oil!

All the essential oils chosen in this cream are formulated to combat aging.  I have now added Helichrysum Essential Oil to this cream as well! One of the most expensive and luxurious essential oils in the world, Helichrysum has been used for 1000’s of years for medicinal healing properties. Helichrysum, in Greek means “to turn gold” because of the beautiful flowers and its everlasting color (even when dried) making this flower believe it to be immortal…

As far as skin benefits, Helichrysum Essential Oil has proven to reduce age spots and skin discolorations.  It has bountiful anti-aging properties which help the skin feel more firm, youthful and vibrant! This essential oil is extremely powerful and produces a somewhat nutty smell to this cream, but it is very faint.  Rose and Geranium Essential Oils are the smells that stand out in this very luxurious face cream.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

2 oz Airless Pump, Sample, Travel Size Glass Jar (0.5 oz)


Ingredients: Rose Hip Seed Oil*, Meadowfoam Seed Oil*, Kukui Nut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Carrot Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Emulsifying Wax, Distilled Water, Kakadu Plum Extract (Vitamin C), Real Aloe Vera*, Hyalurosome (Hyaluronic Acid), Red Algae Plant*, White Willow Bark Extract*, Vitamin E, Optiphen Plus (Preservative), Rose Absolute Essential Oil*, Geranium Essential Oil*, Grapefruit Essential Oil*, Cypress Essential Oil*, Clove Essential Oil*, Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil*, and Helichrysum Essential Oil* (*Certified Organic)

50 reviews for Rose & Aloe Natural Face Cream

  1. diana vanderslice (verified owner)

    I’ve only been using for a few weeks but already love this product. It soaks in quickly and feels great. I have very dry skin and my face feels moisturized all day. I’m 50 and have sun damage to my face/neck and chest. This product makes me not want to wear makeup-that’s how great my skin feels.

  2. Amy H (verified owner)

    This is now the only face cream I use! I apply this after using the rose water facial toner and my skin feels amazing! This is perfect to use in the morning and at bedtime. I love that I can finally feel good about what I am putting on my face!!

  3. Catherine H.

    This natural face cream is absolutely amazing! I have been using this for about a month and have noticed a significant decrease in blotchiness, uneven skin tones, and age spots (which are disappearing!!) My face is normal to oily and the dry oils absorb very quickly leaving my face feeling soft and supple, not a greasy feeling at all! The 2 oz. Bottle lasts forever too! Thank you for making this amazing natural face cream!

  4. Tilishess

    This face cream is amazing. My skin is oily but this face cream absorbs quickly and does not clog pores or cause break outs. I highly recommend this product.

  5. Lori (verified owner)

    I love everything about this cream! My face tends to be on the oily side, but this cream absorbs right in, lasts all day and smells awesome! I LOVE that I can feel good about putting it on my face too!

  6. Linda Lefever (verified owner)

    So light and fresh! 2 oz will go a very long way!

  7. Heather S. (verified owner)

    This cream just soaks into my skin – in a good way! It does not feel heavy or greasy in anyway. I have combination skin and feel the oily areas are less shiny throughout the day.

  8. Kristy (verified owner)

    I use this face cream along with the rose water toner and love it. I have rosacea & this is something that I found doesn’t irritate my skin. Smells good too.

  9. Amber S. (verified owner)

    I love this moisturizer. My t-zone is super oily but my cheeks get dry. I use it as a night cream and it does wonders for balancing my skin. Since I’ve been using this my cheeks haven’t been dry and flaky. Plus it smells nice and botanical.

  10. findley.lori (verified owner)

    This cream is wonderful. Effectively moisturizes without feeling heavy or greasy..and the SMELL..heaven! Before this, I had creams for day, creams for night…different ones for summer vs. winter. This is a one stop facial cream!

  11. Kelly (verified owner)

    Review for Rose & Aloe Natural Face Cream
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  12. Allyson H. (verified owner)

    Great texture and non-greasy!

  13. Kimberly D. (verified owner)

    I love the way it makes my face feel and I love the smell of this face cream.

  14. Claudia (verified owner)

    A must have for your skin care!

  15. Kristy M. (verified owner)

    Love this face cream, gentle, so I use on my sensitive skin, smells good, has a natural SPF, absorbs quickly & is all natural!! What more could you ask for?!

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it

  17. Christine (verified owner)


  18. Kelly Fedin (verified owner)

    Easily absorbed and nicely hydrating

  19. Maria B. (verified owner)

    I really like the smell but am going to save this for the winter, when I finish my other facial moisturizer.

  20. Nicole H. (verified owner)

    Smells amazing! Really liking it so far. Combined with my other new products from soap ave my skin feels smoother already.

  21. Dianne Rapchak (verified owner)

    This face cream is the best,absolutely love it❤️

  22. Christin H. (verified owner)

    This face cream is so moisturizing. I like to use it before bed, and it has a lovely scent.

  23. Ashley B. (verified owner)

    Love love love!

  24. Jolene (verified owner)

    Love how my skin feels after I use this product

  25. Kelly (verified owner)

    My daughter will only use Lizzie’s moisturizer! She loves the way it makes her face so soft and well moisturized!!

  26. Michele Moore (verified owner)

    Wow wow and wow if you don’t have this…you need it!! Moisturizer with excellent results. On my second bottle. Use with the hydronic drops and watch your skin transform. Wow!

  27. Emily H. (verified owner)

    My face feels very soft and moisturized and it seems like it has a more even tone than before! Plus, I love the way this lotion smells 😊

  28. Tracy S. (verified owner)

    Moisture, moisture, moisture!!!!
    What a pleasant surprise.

  29. Jo C. (verified owner)

    All products are GREAT and service is GREAT also.

  30. Michell (verified owner)

    Would really recommend this product, my skin looks better than ever.

  31. Teresa Sikorski (verified owner)

    Love it

  32. Cynthia (verified owner)

    This is great cream and no chemicals!

  33. Lori Proctor (verified owner)

    I love the protection I get from this face lotion ,especially in the winter. Plus helps make your face look younger.

  34. Sarah Clark (verified owner)

    Feels amazing on your skin! Even for my normal to oily skin, it feels great!

  35. Jolette (verified owner)

    This is awesome face cream. My face started drying out because of the cold. And now it’s not dry anymore. I use the glow face oil and this.

  36. Catherine (verified owner)

    Love the scent of this face cream and the hydration it provides to the skin!

  37. Tara Mistysyn (verified owner)

    Love love love! I have tried a lot of face creams over the years and this by far is my favorite!

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great for my skincare routine, smells great too

  39. Catherine (verified owner)

    The texture of this cream is amazing!

  40. Barbara Ross (verified owner)

    I absolutely love all of your products. Keep them coming!

  41. Kimberly H. (verified owner)

    Love this product.

  42. Jo C. (verified owner)

    Love this

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love! Ever since I’ve started exclusively facial products (I use the soap, acid, lotion and oil in winter) I’ve seen such a difference in breakouts and skin tone.

  44. Angela B. (verified owner)

    Amazing product❤️❤️

  45. Helen (verified owner)

    So hydrating!!! Postpartum I was noticing so many fine lines and loss of elasticity especially around my nose/mouth. In just a day I noticed SUCH an improvement. The fine lines have vanished and my skin feels sooo good! LOVE.

  46. Holly E Holleran (verified owner)

    Every day, can’t live without it!!

  47. Kelly (verified owner)

    My daughter uses all three in her daily routine. Can’t go without it!

  48. Katelyn Buchan (verified owner)

    My mom and I are obsessed

  49. Barbara Ross (verified owner)

    Lizzie, I absolutely love your products!!! I have been using them for several years and my face, skin and hair have never been better!!!

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s moisturizing and not greasy. Also smells great!! Makes my face feel fresh!

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