Pro-Vitamin B5 Silky Conditioner Bars

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Your Hair will be Smooth, Strong, Shiny, Moisturized & Healthy!

  • Long Lasting ~ 80 washes = 3-4 bottles of Conditioner!

  • Suitable for All Hair Types

  • Contains NO Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens or SLS/SLSE

  • pH Balanced 5.0-6.0 ~ No Acidic Rinse Necessary! Leaves hair soft & silky

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging & No bottle = Better for our Earth!

  • Great for Travel

Sulfate-free and pH Balanced. I have formulated these Conditioner Bars for All Hair Types. I am personally thrilled with my own hair results! My hair is extremely soft, bouncy, conditioned and shiny!

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Black Raspberry Vanilla ~ Sweet Juicy Black Raspberries with a touch of vanilla. 

Tranquility ~ Created with Lemongrass, Lavender & Orange Essential Oils…If you love the Himalayan Pink Salt Soap, this is the same Essential Oil Blend!  This scent will take you to the spa! 

Eucalyptus & Mint ~ Gorgeous Essential Oil Blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oils.  Lavender EO helps soothe the scalp and Eucalyptus EO improves thickness, shine, and overall health of your hair! Peppermint is known to help stimulate hair growth!

Coconut Bliss ~ Creamy Coconut blended with warm vanilla!

Conquer ~ For Men:  Fresh and Daring Scent! This scent is simply intoxicating! Top notes of Japanese grapefruit, Bergamot, and Lemon, followed by middle notes of Peppercorn, Ginger, Jasmine, Aquatic marine notes, and Peppermint, sitting on base notes of natural Patchouli, Cedar, Vetiver, Labdanum, and Frankincense. This is a scent duplication to Bleu de Chanel® A Soap Avenue Co. Best Seller!

To Use:  Simply rub the Pro-Vitamin Silky Conditioner Bar in your hands. Rub bar on your head and hair. Glide Bar down your hair and massage into hair only, not scalp. Rinse thoroughly in warm – cool water. *Let Conditioner Bar dry out between uses to extend life of bar*

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

Eucalyptus & Mint, Tranquility, Coconut Bliss, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Conquer (for Men)


Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Bamboo Silk Extract, DL Panthenol (Vitamin B5) Emulsifying Conditioning Wax, Honeyquat, Vitamin E, Optiphen Plus (Formaldehyde-Free Preservative), Cetyl-Alcohol, Mineral Mica, Essential Oils/Phthalate-Free Fragrance.

63 reviews for Pro-Vitamin B5 Silky Conditioner Bars

  1. autumns85 (verified owner)

    This is the best conditioner I have ever used! I have always had to use an in-shower conditioner plus an out-of-the-shower detangler for my baby-fine hair! This conditioning bar coupled with the Pro-Vitamin B5 Shampoo bar has been a lifesaver and money-saver! I no longer have to buy detangler! It also works well for moisturizing skin in the shower as I have shaved with it multiple times and also used it on my legs after shaving! One great product with multiple uses!

  2. Linda Lefever (verified owner)

    Will definitely purchase more of these

  3. Alicia K. (verified owner)

    The conditioner makes my hair feel so soft and goes perfectly with the shampoo bar!!

  4. Kim H

    I have been using this product along with the coordinating shampoo bar for about 3 months now and can tell a huge difference in my hair…amazing difference actually! My hair tends to be on the dry side and since using these products my hair feels much silkier and just overall healthier. Of note, I do also color treat my hair. All scents are fabulous. I was very hesitant to try this conditioning bar, but so glad I did.

  5. Kristy (verified owner)

    Used this just a couple times along with the shampoo bar. Like the way my hair feels so soft. Will be getting more.

  6. Kate W. (verified owner)

    Great for travel, and takes up a lot less space than a traditional conditioner bottle. I like how it makes my hair feel.

  7. sulli1421 (verified owner)

    Love this product! Leaves my hair silky and soft.

  8. Lisa A. (verified owner)

    The combination of the shampoo and conditioner bar is really nice on my hair. I have noticed how nice my hair stays throughout the day even though I am one to run my hands through my hair which usually makes my hair get puffy. Not the look I want! Definitely going to buy another scent or two.

  9. Michele (verified owner)

    I use both shampoo bar and conditioner bar. Both smell great and conditioner bar leaves my hair feeling soft and silky without weighing it down.

  10. Jodi (verified owner)

    Very creamy and moisturizing. Highly reccomended.

  11. Chelsee (verified owner)

    love the smell.

  12. Angela Barber (verified owner)

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

  13. Jodi (verified owner)

    Review for Pro-Vitamin B5 Silky Conditioner Bars
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  14. Amber L. (verified owner)

    Review for Pro-Vitamin B5 Silky Conditioner Bars
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I’m so glad to have finally made the switch to solid shampoo conditioner! Not only is it a sustainable product but it’s an amazing product that has my hair feeling clean, nourished and soft!

  15. Jennifer G. (verified owner)

    Leaves my hair soft and smells wonderful.

  16. Megan H. (verified owner)

    The scent is amazing, and it works wonderfully!

  17. Nicole H. (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure if I’d like this, because I have very thick and curly hair so conditioner is very important. But it’s working really well so far!

  18. Johanna (verified owner)

    Love, love . You only need a little . Makes curls well defined .

  19. Nina Rambo (verified owner)

    I noticed a huge difference in my hair after using the conditioning bar. It’s not dry and frizzy anymore it has a healthy shine now. Thank You Soap Avenue Company!! A++

  20. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This conditioning bar leaves my hair feeling silky, soft and smelling fresh! Using a bar is cost effective and much more convenient for travel.

  21. Jennifer G. (verified owner)


  22. Tracy S. (verified owner)

    I have really dry, coarse hair that cannot tolerate daily washing. Your conditioning bar is a perfect application to keeping moist locks in the shower while performing a quick daily wash n go. My hair feels silky smooth.

  23. Ben G. (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Will never go back to a traditional bottle!

  24. Dixie (verified owner)

    I have not used the conditioner bars myself. Also, a gift to my daughter in law. I will let you know when she reports back to me.

  25. Jo C. (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  26. Traci c. (verified owner)

    Love the shampoo and conditioner bars, they smell wonderful and last a long time. My hairdresser said the ingredients are great and my hair looks good too!

  27. Claudia N. (verified owner)

    The perfect light-weight conditioner for fine hair! I get so many complements!

  28. Angela Barber (verified owner)


  29. Nina Rambo (verified owner)

    Love the conditioner bars.A+

  30. Claudia N. (verified owner)

    I purposely purchased the Pro-Vitamin B5 Silky Conditioner Bars for my fine hair. The formula in conditioner bars does not weight down my hair. Rather, my hair is conditioned and healthy.

  31. Nina Rambo (verified owner)

    Best conditioner I ever used.

  32. HELENE Z. (verified owner)

    I was a skeptic at first, but I tried this conditioner and its the best I have ever tried by far! Will never go back to harsh products. When I comb out my hair after showering and using the conditioner bar, I am not detangling a hot mess like I did with expensive brand name liquid conditioners!

  33. Tracy (verified owner)

    Love the conditioner bar as much as the shampoos!
    Highly recommend!

  34. Danyelle Zechman (verified owner)

    Love your products

  35. Michelle Burkhardt (verified owner)

    will never go back to liquid shampoo or conditioner again-these bars are perfect for traveling-last long and smell nice

  36. Jennifer C. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner bars! I was having trouble with my hair falling out, losing elasticity and looking very drab. I tried many hair products and different vitamin regimens to improve my hair’s overall health and appearance but wasnt having any luck. Now, after using the shampoo and conditioner bars from Soap Avenue, my hair is silky, shiny, healthy and grows so much faster. And, as an added bonus, it always smells fantastic!

  37. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)

    Conditioner is Great

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great conditioner, smells fantastic too

  39. Suzanne Bourne (verified owner)

    Best conditioner ever!

  40. Michelle Moser (verified owner)

    I love the way these conditioner bars make my hair shine!

  41. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)

    Love the conditioner!

  42. Karen F. (verified owner)

    Smells great and leaves my hair silky smooth!

  43. Michelle Burkhardt (verified owner)

    my son loves it

  44. Savannah C. (verified owner)

    Love how smooth this conditioner is!

  45. Michelle Burkhardt (verified owner)

    favorite eucalyptus/mint is my favorite

  46. Amanda M. (verified owner)

    Tried for the first time, and I’m pleasantly surprised! The scent is very herbal and relaxing, and my hair is very soft after use.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love how silky and light my hair feels after switching to these shampoo/condition bars! Also great on trips; easy to pack

  48. Danyelle Zechman (verified owner)

    Love you bars of soaps and shampoo and conditioner

  49. Christine R. (verified owner)

    Ever since I started using the shampoo & conditioner bars my hair stylist comments on how healthy & soft my hair has been. This purchase is a gift for her to enjoy and pass on the other clients that may be looking for something better

  50. JoLynne R. (verified owner)

    I really like this conditioner bar. It leaves my hair soft and shiny.

  51. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)

    Love it!

  52. Barbara Ross (verified owner)

    Love this!

  53. kate (verified owner)

    Love the shampoo and conditioner bars

  54. Sheena (verified owner)

    My post pregnancy hair felt nasty and greasy after washing and I needed something different to help with texture after showering. This has made it much softer and smoother and I’m in love with how it transformed my hair!

  55. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)


  56. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)


  57. Theresa Z. (verified owner)

    This conditioner bar adds Shine and smoothness to my dry highlighted hair.

  58. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)


  59. Lacie A. (verified owner)

    Love the conditioner bars! They last a long time and leaves my hair detangled and smooth. I have natural curly hair and I have no frizz. I also use the hair oil and that’s it! Before I used 3 additional hair products to control my frizz! ❤️ these products!

  60. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)

    The only conditioner we use!

  61. Sarah (verified owner)

    This is the only conditioner that keeps our girls’ hair from getting tangled, since we switched to this product their hair is so easy to comb and we ditched the detangle sprays! It also makes my daughter’s curls so bouncy.

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought this to go with my shampoo bar, very nice combo, you won’t be disappointed!

  63. Jessica S. (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for two years now and I love it!! So glad I found this awesome company!

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