Lotion Bar Tin


5 oz. Stainless Steel Tin sized to fit your large 3.5 oz. Nourishing Lotion Bar

Please Recycle or Keep your tin for your next Lotion Bar! Your tin will not come labeled unless you would like it labeled. Just message me at checkout.

*Add a tin to your Lotion Bar order or your lotion bar will come wrapped in paper with no tin*

11 in stock



**Due to Demand and Low Availability of these 5 oz. Tins, I am no longer prepackaging your lotion bars with them.ย  Many of you have said you can reuse your tin and this is the best way to recycle! Thank you all for your support and understanding!

Please Note, this is a different size tin then the Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Tin which is 4 oz. Your lotion bar will not fit in a 4 oz. tin.

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